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Friday, June 22, 2012

First attempt at iphone/smartphone case

A while back I started the silk purse for the latest weave-along.  I was so proud of myself for starting it a while few weeks before I needed to.  I took a bunch of photos but took no notes.  When I finally got around the compiling all the photos into something that resembles instructions, it was clear I had both screwed a bunch of things up and missed a bunch of essential photographs.  Elena said:  do it again!

But I decided at very least to finish the piece on the loom in adequate as it was.  Who wants to cut off and toss ten inches or so of weaving.  So I grit my teeth and wove away.  And this is what I just finished.  The strap is a flat braid.  I've used mostly hand painted silk with a little bit of railroad yarn.  I lined it with silk.  It will work.  It's just not what I envisioned at all for the weave along.  I will spend the rest of today an tomorrow working on the new one.

And below, of course, is where this purse comes from!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mirrix Grant

Please help us get this grant so we can employ more Americans!  THANK YOU!

We need your help to get a small business grant from Mission: Small Business℠! We're coming into this late, but need 250 votes to qualify before June 30th. Please take the time to vote for us (and tell your friends, too)! 

Here's how:

- Click Login & Support and log in with Facebook
- Search for Mirrix Looms

We try every day to make your Mirrix experience the best it can be all while running a socially conscious business. Mirrix Looms is woman owned (and, mostly, woman operated) and all our looms are made right here in America. Thank you in advance for your support!