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Sunday, April 29, 2012

More hand-painted silk

We spent the day dyeing and then hung it out on the clothes line to dry.  That is about two kilos of silk. That's a lot of silk.  Now the "fun" part:  making it into skeins.  But the painting was so much fun.  

Hanging in the sun

That's Pam, my dyeing partner

Claudia with her eyes closed, as usual

Monday, April 16, 2012

A rainbow, a bracelet

I took these photos the other day.  Just found them on my camera and was surprised that the rainbow was photographed so beautifully.  Thank you camera.

And then there was the second rainbow.  I put a hand-painted silk cord on the loom and then wove with hand-painted silk ribbon.  This bracelet has an entirely different feel from the other affinity bracelets.  It's very stiff because the warp was so heavy and the silk ribbon gives it lots of subtle texture.  I wrapped and tied some silk cord around the overlapping warp ends.  This just proves you can use a huge variety of materials in these affinity bracelets.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A new affinity bracelet and an ankle bracelet

I kept fixating on the clay beads that are on sale at the site.  I knew they could be used in an affinity bracelet.  So I finally took a break from getting ready for the Craftsy video and ordered and then wove those beads.  I used a very thin tapestry needle to string them onto the silk thread.  They have huge holes (I am using the 2mm by 4mm beads).  I love the look.  It is kind of funky but also very colorful.  Instead of making a peyote stitch clasp, I simply tied a piece of suede cord around the the over lapped braided silk ends.  Works great and fits in with the overall design.

I used the blue, terra cotta and light green beads . . . they come in lovely muted colors.

The clasp could not have been easier to make!

Elena suggested I try to make a bangle on the loom.  At first I was going to try to do it with beads, but then I got fascinated with the idea of doing it with silk thread and a few beads.  My idea was that I would weave an eight bead wide and silk tapestry piece using the No Warps Ends Kit and softflex beading wire and then roll it up and sew the sides together.  I thought it would make something rounded and bangle-like.  The mistake I made was to use two cut beads which resisted rolling up.  Next time I will use size 11/0 seed beads.

Bangle for the wrist?  I am not sure.  It's a little bulky.  Plus I didn't make it big enough so that if I had sewn the ends together it would have struggled getting over my hand.  

I had purchased some thin, flat leather cord a while back.  I had tried to put memory wire in the piece, but it just didn't want to go.  So I threaded the cord into a large tapestry needle and pushed it through the piece, leaving a few inches extra for the tie.

And then I tied it on my ankle.  This is hands down the sweetest ankle bracelet I have ever made.  You can see it a mile away.  It is not subtle at all and the colors just sing.  This is staying on my ankle all summer unless I make a nicer one.  And the good news is it is so easy to take off and those ties really stay tied.  

Now I have two new supplies in my supply box:  clap beads and suede ties.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Hand-dyed Silk yarn

Color One

Color Two

Color Three

Color Four

Color Five

Color Six

Color Seven