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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hand painted silk ribbon! and some roving . . .

Pam and I painted silk for about ten hours.  Long enough that our feet were tired and our minds were totally burnt out.  We were both surprised had exhausted we felt.  But once I thought about it I realized that although painting silk is fun, it also takes a lot of mental energy.  We are constantly debating what colors to use and in what combinations.  I am constantly mixing up new colors.  We dyed about three kilos of silk.  But that's not what I am going to show you here because I am not going to upload the silk yarn pictures until I've made it all in to skeins which is taking forever.  But I am going to show you the silk ribbon, which is new.  Gorgeous stuff.  Really expensive.  This ribbon is 4 mm wide.  It is so much fun.  Takes the dye very differently from the yarn.  I also dyed a little roving that I will spin someday.  Not sure what day because right now I am getting ready for Bead & Button . . . yet another deadline . . . so working seven days a week to make that one.

Here are the pictures:

Hand painted silk roving.

Hand painted silk ribbon chilling out on wicker chair on front porch.

Hand painted silk on skein winder.

Hand painted silk ribbon all in a pile.

The family!

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Janette Meetze said...

Just Gorgeous!! It looks like fun work too.