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Monday, February 20, 2012

Weaving with gold thread and beads

Weaving tapestry and beads but without the shedding device is both simple and quick when you are weaving only a very thin piece.  Using a tapestry needle (the ones intended for needle point or for finishing knitting garments) you can weave under and over the warps.  The only trick is remembering to bury the bead thread so that it can be carried up the piece until you need to use it again.  Once you have woven under and over your warp threads, pull the needle through.

When weaving back, go under the bead thread so it gets caught by the gold thread.

Weave the gold thread back.

Then string up some beads, and weave them using the traditional method of bead weaving.  You want to catch the gold thread underneath the bead thread so it travels up the side of the piece until you need to use it again.

 It's really fun and simple.  In no time you will have a finished piece!

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