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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Affinity Bracelets (aka grown-up friendship bracelets)

I can't stop weaving.  I held back until ten until starting weaving. I entertained myself with replacing the belt on the vacuum and then even using it in my studio.  Then I went full tilt.  Warped up the mini for my fantasy of a friendship bracelet:  one using tila beads. Why not?  This is as far as I've gotten because I already knew I loved it but had my head swelling with other ideas I needed to try immediately.  

Tila beads and 8/0 seed beads on a rust/orange silk warp.
Next I moved over to the Sixteen inch Mirrix that I now have at the ready on a stand.  It was empty.  I put on three silk warps in different colors.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  Took literally minutes.  Ah, such gratification!    I decided that one of these bracelets just had to include the gold thread.  So I took three strands of it, long strands because I wanted the thread to last for the entire piece.  This is my same approach to the beading thread.  Make it last.  Whatever you are not using gets carried under the thread you are using.  Just wrap around it before weaving and it will get caught and pressed next to the weaving resulting in no finishing work and no need for a backing.  Next time I will take photos of this process.  I was just in too much of a hurry and too excited to pause and take photos.  In this piece I used some two cut 11/0 beads, some 24 karat gold plated 11/0 seed beads, some 10/ 24 karat plate delica beads.  

The next piece is a simple mixture of 8/0 seeds beads and 10/delicas.  I stuck some gold delicas in there toward the right  just for fun.

This next one was woven using  I created little blocks playing the matt beads off the glossy ones.  Lots of fun.

 This is how I finished the first bracelet.  Just little rings of gold beads holding the two looped ends together.  It's adjustable.  No need to tie.  I also made little ropes.  Took a matter of minutes.  By noon I had accomplished everything you see here.

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