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Friday, February 10, 2012


You would think that considering we worked most of the time I was in Seattle with our marketing mavin that returning home wouldn't be a big deal work wise.  Think again.  I have just raised myself out of the pile of work and disasters (mostly) and feel almost caught up.  I literally have not had a chance to blog, although I've really wanted to.  My desktop is filled with photos I wanted to share.  My looms seem to look mournfully at me from all parts of my studio as if they are asking: why are you not weaving?  And my head is full of ideas.

Before I begin the photo essay of my Seattle visit, I want to share this one idea I want to develop.  It's pretty simple.  I ordered some suede string.  I don't know what to call it.  Maybe it's called lace.  In any case, it's fairly thin.  My idea is, using the no warps kit, run the suede along the outside warp threads with a loop on one end (this will be a bracelet).  While weaving the suede will get caught in the bracelet.  Somehow I will turn the loop on one end and the two loose ends into a clasp.  Maybe I will use some kind of bead on the non loop ends.  It looks wonderful in my head, but I really need to try it.

Okay, Seattle:
Capitol Hill where Mirrix Marketing and Elena live . . . and that is Sam.

Claudia with Squirm worm.

There we are again.

The big moment . . . Layna gets her Mirrix birthday gift.

Another day, another walk with Sam-I-Am

Tourist trap, but I love it:  Pike Place Market

They throw the fish here.  It's hilariouos.

Future Bead patterns to follow.

Look at that view!

And that one from downtown Seattle.  

Those two . . . so sweet!

Sam is always making friends.

Out of work actor!

Happy Claudia with Sam.

One last Sam and me picture!

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