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Monday, January 2, 2012

No warps loom woven earrings

Little rectangles woven on the Mirrix Loom using the no warps kit become simple, elegant earrings.  Just takes on our of your time including warping and finishing.  Setting up for the next pair take only a few minutes.

I made mine out of rhodium and 24 karat gold plated beads in a rectangle inside a rectangle design.

I am thinking maybe a longer, thinner piece (or maybe two combined) would make great earrings.

But these little guys would make nice components for a bracelet or necklace.  I would be a lot more creative with color and combine pieces that were very different.

My stash is a little low.  I might have to go bead shopping.  What a shame!

Hope your New Years has started well and that all creativity is flowing.

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materbona said...

wow--beautifully industrial!