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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gold thread bracelet, loom stand and some thoughts

You know you  are in trouble when you look at past habits and think:  "Wow, I am really kind of weird." Let me explain.  I decided to rearrange my studio.  Again.  Before Elena's wedding in August I had to basically empty out my studio/office.  It was extremely cathartic if not a bit disturbing.  Ultimately, I was glad I had to do it.  To clarify:  my studio/office used to be a dining room.  It sits smack in between the kitchen (also known as the home of the espresso machine) and the living room (which is a huge space designed for parties that I am sure the last owners never got around to having). The reception was to be in all three places and so I had to get out of Dodge.  Once I returned to Dodge, to this newly painted and very clean and beautifully lighted (by the great outdoors) space I could put anything anywhere I wanted.  So I left out all the ugly stuff.  The two black filing cabinets remain hidden in my husband's cave (he could care less).  I got rid of an awful huge table, thinking I had given up efficiency for beauty.  Not the case.  The awful huge table had just been a place to spread stuff and it turned out I never really needed it.  I made a circle of my desk, a nice table and my drafting table.  I put my favorite rug (we have hard wood floors to rugs are important) in the middle.  I very slowly hung up a few tapestries, pieces of art.  Only bookshelves I liked remained and only stuff that was pretty or essential was put on them.  The lovely wood cabinet could hide all the supplies and stuff I wasn't keen on looking at all day.  The ugly but so necessary plastic things with the million drawers were placed below knee level so they are still useful but you don't see them.  My gorgeous trunks got center stage.  I put the purple love seat I don't much like but love sitting in by the windows in the corner.  All was good.  No more bulletin boards.  I have my huge slate blackboard.  One marble top table, a weaving bench and lots and lots of looms.

But why did I stick this other table in a far off corner and place this lovely wooden cabinet with all the drawers on it when 1) it's almost impossible to get to; 2) I never actually sit at that table because it's in exactly the wrong place.  And why was there no loom stand in sight?  Why was it in the living room, where I never weave.  How many years would it take me to get it that if it isn't in range of my desk I will not use it?  And why buy this little wooden cabinet with all the cute little functional drawers and slots and holes if I was just going to pack full of stuff ans stick it far away and never use the stuff?  I do things like that.  I take something I really like, I really want to use and then I stick it in left field never to be used.  Am I saving it?  Is it a future reward for being a good girl?  Who the heck knows.  But look!  Isn't that sweet? The little wooden thing and my baskets and trays and that gorgeous cat in the back ground sitting on the trunk making sure all is well.  Don't you just want to sit there and weave my gold bracelet for me?

So I put the little cabinet on the table I always work at which is at right angle to the desk that holds my iMac which I am always sitting at.  And I dragged the loom stand to sit in between that table and the drafting table (before the wedding the drafting table was in the living room and I hadn't used it in about ten years . . . now I use it all the time).  I am weaving a no warps ipod case on the Laniloom and because I can't advance it, when it sits on a table, the top part is getting a little hard to reach.  The perfect solution would beto use a stand where the surface can be adjusted to exactly where I need the top to be.  Duh.  Really Claudia?  And where would you find such a stand?

 I found such a loom stand.  Gee, go figure.  And now I can weave comfortably on that piece and the piece next to it, which you can barely see. Chances are that now that the stand is within two steps of my computer, I will always have looms on it, freeing up a ton of table space.  Plus I love the way the tray holds the beads.  I have lined it with a cut up bead mat.  Perfect.  I guess I had associated the stand with tapestry weaving and not with beads.  What the heck was I thinking?  It's perfect for bead looms.  Plus you can put two on at a time.  

And there is that beaded case in progress.  The solid areas are gold thread.  Have I mentioned lately how in love I am with using that gold thread?

Change of Subject:

I am addicted.  Mini Mirrix with no warps to weave in kit and another bracelet made from gold thread and size 11/0 beads.  This is going on the plane with me this Thursday when I fly to Washington and I am sure it will get used plenty while there.  The gold thread looks like, well, gold when woven in solid areas like this.  It's amazing.  It's gold!

Below is kind of the circle.  (I just jumped back to original topic of rearranging my studio.)  The three pictures make three sides of square in this order.

And there is Ms. Chloe making sure it all works okay.

And there is my other love, Shasta the pony, trying to soak up some sunlight on this very cold day.

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