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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gold Thread and Bead Bracelet

This was so much fun to weave.  The gold thread looks like pure gold when woven on a wire warp.  It's just absolutely gorgeous.  The second I send this post I am going back for round two.  Will turn this into a kit, but if you can't wait for the kit you can use the 11/0 seed bead permanent galvanized bead soup and our gold thread and ultra-suede and wire our no warps to weave in kit to make your own.  Simply weave the beads using the traditional method of bead weaving and weave the gold thread by threading it into a tapestry needle and needle weaving.  Here is the result:


kjb139 said...

Its beautiful Claudia! I really like it!

Karen said...

I love this bracelet! My jewelries are currently in the pawn shop. I'm looking for cheaper but classy alternatives like this one. How much is it?

Kyle Xanders said...

That is an amazing piece of jewelry. I wonder if I can replace my leather watch into beaded straps. Would you know if there are shops that does that?

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Martin Rolloff said...

That bracelet looks really pretty. My wife is so obsess with anything that is gold and if she sees this bracelet, she will buy it.

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