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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soft Flex Again and and another no warps bracelet

I can't stop experimenting with my Soft Flex wire with the No warps to weave in kit.  It's not only fun and quite fast but the final product is amazing.  I think these bracelets will last forever.  So whether you are making them for yourself, your friends or to sell, I think you will be thrilled with the results.

This piece was made from rhodium and 24 karat gold plated size 11/0 delica beads on a Very Fine soft touch warp.  I used C-Lon beading thread for the weft.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New No Warps Bracelet one and two

Daggers and size 8/0 seed beads on a Soft Flex copper wire warp
This was fun and easy and we now have it in kit form:

I also am weaving another bracelet with a slightly thinner Soft Flex Warp and size 11/0 Delica beads in a rhodium and 24 karat gold finish.  This one is still on the loom.

I will get back to you tomorrow with a better picture and final results of this bracelet.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tomorrow's Weave-along

Getting ready for the beginning of our two weave-alongs due to start tomorrow.  Have no fear, if you haven't ordered your kit(s) yet you still have time.  Tomorrow will be set up day and the results will be posted at and will remain there for as long as Mirrix exists.  Both these pieces will take quite a while to complete.  Whether you give them away as a gift or keep them for you own personal use, you will be thrilled with the results.

I have NOT given mine away.  I use the bead pouch all the time to hold my cell phone  I find myself constantly touching it because the texture is so smooth and amazing.  I also find other people wanting to touch it and keep it.  I take it almost everywhere my cell phone goes whether it gets shoved in my purse or my pocket or my backpack.  It is my cellphone home and I adore it.  I am looking forward to weaving my third beaded cell phone pouch (the first is owned by Elena).  I know I will give it to someone, but I don't yet know who.  A lot of love and time is going to go into that piece so it surely will be someone very special.  

And then we've got the wool purse/pouch.  Call it what you want, but I call it just perfect for carrying around a few things like a credit card, some cash, and even my cellphone if I dare to remove it from the beaded pouch.  I did do that while away for the last few days.  I used it for those three things and it worked great.  The only thing I will change on my next purse is to make it one inch taller.  That's all, just one inch.  In fact, I think the instructions have the right height but I got all excited about cutting it off and just couldn't wait to weave one more inch.  My cellphone is just a tad too tall for it so I have to put it in my purse side ways.  My cellphone is not an iPhone.  Not because I don't want an iPhone but because I can't get service here.  My cellphone is a little taller and a lot thinner.  It wants a slightly taller purse in order for the flap to close properly.

So if you haven't signed up already, you still can.  I do have kits here waiting to be mailed priority mail.  You can get them in three days.  Check out the links below and even get a 25% discount!  Participate in this weave-along and you might win the Ott-lite:  How can you lose!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Mirrix Products and the motor scooters

I thought it would be fun to line up some of the new products we've created here at Mirrix during this autumn.  It's kind of stunning and now I know why I really could use some sleep.  I believe Elena feels the same.  And now as I think about and that picture I just took I even left out some stuff.

Let me list them, all of them:

The shedding device for the eight inch loom
The McKinley Loom (28 inches wide and 44 inches in possible weaving length)
The kumihimo on-the-go kit
The small tapestry purse kit
The tapestry cuff refill kit
The Just weft Yarn kit
The No Warps to Sew in kit
The 24 karat gold thread
The silk yarn selection
The ultra-suede
Tulip bead weaving needles
New Bead Soup

As well as a bunch of loom starter kits sure to keep you fascinated with weaving throughout the cold or wet winter months.

We welcome new suggestions and if we can and think it will work, we will try to create it or find it for you.  We want to become a place where you can shop for all your weaving needs, or at least a lot of them.  And we want to continue to find beautiful fiber for you to weave.  We love doing it and hope you love what we do!

And now the pictures you've been waiting for:  Vespa and Buddy!  They are really quite beautiful and I wish to heck winter was not a reality here so I could actually ride them more than twice before I have to pack up their batteries and winterize their gas.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Weft kits

Want to follow your own tapestry design but don't have enough weft colors?  We just came up with a kit to solve that problem.  It contains Seventeen 20 yard skeins of 100% wool yarn.  That's it.  It's up to you.  
If you've already purchased our small purse kit, you can use the leftover warp with this yarn or buy a 100 gram tube of Navajo warp.  In any case, you are bound to have fun with all these great colors.  We suggest using either a 12 or 14 dent coil, every other dent.