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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This and That now that I have a few seconds

So in the middle of chaos yesterday I decided:  why not come up with a new bead mix.  So I did.  I used all those gorgeous permanent galvanized and gold iris seed  beads (size 11/0 only) we put in the tapestry bead cuff kits.  The great thing about this mix is you can experience the full range of the  permanent galvanized beads without having to buy all of them.  The price is great too:  $10 for 15 grams.  15 grams is equal to two of the normal tubes these beads come in, so it's quite a lot of beads.  In fact, after I write this I am going to see how those beads look using the no warps method. Might make a kit out of it if I like the results.  Will post that tomorrow.  You can find it for sale at:  bead soup.  But for now,  here is just the bead soup:

Remember we are still promoting the gold thread at the very low price of $65 for nine 24 yard three-ply skeins:  gold thread.  And if your purchase of other stuff (and that can include this deal) is more than $200 we will throw in a skein of this beautiful stuff for free.  That deal ends on Saturday.

Okay, back to my loom and packing the last of the holiday orders.  Geez, I am exhausted (but the Post Master says I should not complain, and he is right).

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