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Saturday, December 3, 2011

No warps necklace

Had to try it!  I can't stop playing with the no warps kit.  It just fascinates me as does weaving on wire, which I've never been able to do before.  I took the beads from the no warps kit and used them for a necklace.  The piece is only four warps (three beads) wide.  I made it 14 inches long.

Here are my results:

It's kind of a choker style piece.  I used a glass button to finish it.

I love those magatamas although I can't stand their name and I always have to look at the package to spell the name.  They carry color differently from round seed beads.  Maybe it's because they have so much surface.  I am fascinated.  Okay, so it doesn't take a lot to fascinate me when it comes to color and beads!

Here's where you can get the bracelet kit and just use it to make a necklace (or two) instead.

Or just buy some soft flex wire:

Looking for your own stash of magatama beads?  Check out Caravan Beads.  Since they import directly from Japan, they always have the full range of all Myuki Beads.  Candy store here I come!

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