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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Four legged family friends and members and then there is the fox

How can you resist that face!  Chloe is enjoying her new life outside the woodpile where we found her.

Our boxer friends visited over the weekend.  They were rescued from a kill shelter down south by my dear friends Joni and Pat.  Sophie (on the right) was about three and skin and bones with hardly any hair.  She had been living in a breeding factory and lived on a cement floor in a metal cage.  She was timid and afraid but not anymore.  Zoe was eight months old when she was adopted (at the same time as Sophie). We think she is Sophie's daughter.  Because she was so much younger and had not yet been bred she pretty much acted like a puppy from the get go.

As you can see they feel right at home on my studio couch.  No complaints from me!

Now this is amazing.  Chloe is on Pat's lap and she appears to be purring.  That is the first time we've seen her near a dog.  Normally, she hides until the dogs leave.

 And then this morning my husband Rick declared that there is a fox in our pasture.  And sure enough there was.  Meet our fox.

That is one large fox.

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