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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tomorrow's Weave-along

Getting ready for the beginning of our two weave-alongs due to start tomorrow.  Have no fear, if you haven't ordered your kit(s) yet you still have time.  Tomorrow will be set up day and the results will be posted at and will remain there for as long as Mirrix exists.  Both these pieces will take quite a while to complete.  Whether you give them away as a gift or keep them for you own personal use, you will be thrilled with the results.

I have NOT given mine away.  I use the bead pouch all the time to hold my cell phone  I find myself constantly touching it because the texture is so smooth and amazing.  I also find other people wanting to touch it and keep it.  I take it almost everywhere my cell phone goes whether it gets shoved in my purse or my pocket or my backpack.  It is my cellphone home and I adore it.  I am looking forward to weaving my third beaded cell phone pouch (the first is owned by Elena).  I know I will give it to someone, but I don't yet know who.  A lot of love and time is going to go into that piece so it surely will be someone very special.  

And then we've got the wool purse/pouch.  Call it what you want, but I call it just perfect for carrying around a few things like a credit card, some cash, and even my cellphone if I dare to remove it from the beaded pouch.  I did do that while away for the last few days.  I used it for those three things and it worked great.  The only thing I will change on my next purse is to make it one inch taller.  That's all, just one inch.  In fact, I think the instructions have the right height but I got all excited about cutting it off and just couldn't wait to weave one more inch.  My cellphone is just a tad too tall for it so I have to put it in my purse side ways.  My cellphone is not an iPhone.  Not because I don't want an iPhone but because I can't get service here.  My cellphone is a little taller and a lot thinner.  It wants a slightly taller purse in order for the flap to close properly.

So if you haven't signed up already, you still can.  I do have kits here waiting to be mailed priority mail.  You can get them in three days.  Check out the links below and even get a 25% discount!  Participate in this weave-along and you might win the Ott-lite:  How can you lose!

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