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Monday, October 24, 2011

Thoughts from this morning

I woke up this morning (several times) with thoughts about what I was going to make, how I was going to design certain projects, colors floating through my head.  I do this a lot.  I wake up with a certain problem in mind that I need to solve and then I float images of it in my head.  Sometimes I fall asleep again and just sort of dream about it and then that dream moves into another dream.  But all of it is magical and I love it.  I get to see things in my mind before the day has worn away at my creative side.  It's easy to get sucked into the days work and problems and tasks and to let go of that space in your head that wants to dream about color and form.

I did finish the elegant cuff last night.

With the flash, really captures that gold.

Inside the cuff!

In all her glory.  I love those 24 gold plated beads.

I have been so busy getting together kits, thinking about kits, thinking about new kits, ordering the materials, etc.  It's really fun but kind of stressful.  I am coming up with formulas for writing instructions and trying to get everything organized and systematic. I look forward to the system being in place so I can dream up new projects.

So I got it in my head that it would be fun to weave a thinner tapestry cuff and just sew ultra-suede to the back.  I am going to try that tomorrow.  I think I will even leave a button hole in the cuff so it can completely close.  I think it will feel really great on one's wrist and it might be something a man would wear.  I know I make endless gold and silk braids for my husband to wear around his wrist.  The pile keeps growing because he never takes the off.  It's kind of sweet.

So tomorrow I finish making a bunch of kits for the next weave along and weave a thin tapestry/bead cuff and also work on the guest blog which softflex is waiting for their blog about using their wire with the No Warps to sew in kit.  I have three pieces I've woven but want to do one more before I write the blog.


Sue said...

Hi Claudia, I finished my cuff, but did not have enough gold beads to finish across the ends like you have done. It still looks pretty, I will post a picture when I get one in focus. I notice the two I took last night are fuzzy.

Sue said...

Oops, forget to mention about my first cuff. It turned out a little short to put on the cuff so I finished it with a button. I love wearing it, the ultrasuade is so comfortable. I plan to make a few more with this style. The first friend that saw it ordered one for herself. The button hole is neat idea, just need to make it a bit longer to allow for this. So far my measuring isn't the best.