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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Small Tapestry Purse

Done.  Finally.  Made some changes along the way and added some things to the kit today.  I added some additional threads for the strap.  I didn't like the way the wool looked in a rope.  You are welcome to add some wool to your rope, but it's best not to make it all out of wool.  The extra threads are novelty threads and rayon.  It took me three tries to get them the right length.  In other words, I made two ropes that were too short.  The kit contains enough thread to make the correct length rope.  I also had to think about a clasp.  What I did was added a loop of beads on the flap (actually, I've added three rows of beads to the loop so it's very attractive and sturdy.)  Then I had to come up with a button.  I settled on a semi-precious stone.  Worked great.

The beads are permanent finish galvanized and pick up the rich colors of the purse because they are so rich.  I loved the effect.  And the lining is to die for.  Nice weighty duponi silk with a lovely texture.  Heaven!

I am very pleased with the final product.  It took a while to get it just right, but I am glad I ripped out and redid a bunch of times until it was right.

Okay, here is the picture of the finished purse:

Color Block Tapestry Purse

The pieces of the kit

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