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Friday, October 28, 2011

McKinley Loom Baby Pictures and Autumn bracelet in winter

The photographer came yesterday to photograph the new McKinley loom but since he left his camera here I won't have the pictures today.  I took my own unprofessional shots so you can at least get an idea of how beautiful he is.

He's long and sleek and perfect for table runners.  He measures in at 28 inches wide giving you a 25 inch weaving width and a 44 inch weaving length.

So yesterday I took a picture of autumn not really believing today would be winter.  But as you see, it kind of is.

From my studio window.

I hope the birds have flown south!
I am going to break up winter with my autumn weaving I finished today.  It's done with soft flex wire and the No warps to weave in kit.  Fast and fun.  I am thinking of making kits with soft flex wire so you can weave this too!

Shasta, my horse, sunbathing.

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