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Saturday, October 15, 2011

LaniLoom now has a Shedding Device!

She still doesn't come standard with a shedding device, but now you can buy one for your LaniLoom.  The cuff bracelets became so popular that folks who had never dreamed of weaving fiber, were suddenly weaving fiber.  Lots of people wanted to know if you could weave the cuff on the eight inch loom.  Well, you can, but you also have to needle weave in the fiber which takes a lot more time than letting a shedding device do the work for you.

But to say that is the reason we finally designed and made available the shedding device would be patently untrue.  We blame the LaniLoom shedding device on two wonderful people:  Mac and Sue Murry.  They very sweetly asked us if we could produce a shedding device for the LaniLoom.  Maybe it was the way they asked:  in a long and beautiful email stating the reasons why such a device would greatly improve the quality of their lives and their weaving.  Or maybe just because they are such great people and although my first instinct was to say:  No, No the LaniLoom is supposed to be like every other bead weaving loom (in a way) and besides because it has just one leg it couldn't possibly work with a shedding device.  Or could it?

By the time I had formed my answer in an email I had already written to manufacturing and asked if they could make me a prototype.  Sure, they could.  A few days later I had it.  And now you can have it too.

I didn't think the LaniLoom would look cool with a shedding device but boy does she look cool!

Moral of the story:  always listen to those brilliant customers because often they know better than I do.  Mac and Sue were also wondering if we could make a loom between the sizes of the 22 and the 32 inch loom. We are thinking about that now too:  a 28 inch loom anyone?  Maybe a limited run of 20?

Now for the glorious pictures of the LaniLoom and her new get-up.

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Susan said...

Omg, she is as beautiful as her namesake. This makes my eyes water. Thank you for helping us. I didn't think you could understand the importance of the shedding device. "Quality of life",says it all. Thank you, our friends! Mac and Sue