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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kumihimo Disk

I own two Marudais (braiding stands) but portable they are not.  And I always need a portable version of whatever I am doing.  For example, you can't just have a Mirrix Loom that lives in your house.  You need once to take on the road or literally in the car.  (side note:  my husband and I always fight over who gets to drive . . . actually, more like who doesn't have to drive . . . I usually win.)  Same goes for braiding, which I like to do because I can produce lovely straps for my handwoven purses.  I can also make some fun stand along pieces like my version of the friendship bracelet (lots and lots of gold thread and with a little bit of silk thread thrown in).

The reason I love the Kumihimo braiding disk so much is that I can easily throw it in my purse (and with those wonderful bobbins nothing comes undone) and whip it out anywhere at any time for some instant gratification.  I try to become invisible because the reality is I don't want to have to explain myself.  I just want to braid (or weave or whatever I am doing in public!).  I can also transport it easily from room to room.  Not so much for the wooden stands because the bobbins jump all over the place and it can be a mess.  So I am very excited that we are now able to offer these fun tools for your braiding pleasure.

Let me show you some recent braids I've been working on:

This will be the strap for the weave-along tapestry purse.

Multi-colored silk braid waiting to become a strap for something.

Black silk and gold thread braid.

There is a gold plated wire in here as well as tons of gold thread and three colors of silk yarn done in a flat braid.  It wants to be a bracelet.

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