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Friday, September 16, 2011

No Warps to finish part two

The sun is here this morning.  I finished the piece yesterday but it was dull and rainy and I knew I would not get a good photo.  So here it is finished on the loom.  Notice that I had removed the two cords in front because they were not allowing me to get the tension I wanted and they were getting n the way.  I would suggest replacing the two cords when you take off the piece because then you can start another piece right away without having to set up the cord and paper clips again (which actually is not such a big deal).  On a larger loom you can do several pieces at the same time.  I know one person asked yesterday if you can do little squares with this method and the answer is a resounding YES.  What a great idea too to be able to weave a series of little squares without any finishing.  It makes the concept viable finally because otherwise for such a small piece you would be doing so much finish work.  With this method you have to weave in four ends:  the weft tails (unless you've dealt with them while piece is not the loom) and the two warp ends that were tied to the paperclips.

The piece is completely flat.  There is a tiny loop of extra thread where the paperclip was inserted.  This turns out to be a gift since that thread is taken up by the slight shrinkage once the piece is removed from the loom.  So the whole concept is perfect, works, is amazing and I am wondering why we didn't do this ages ago!

Finished piece on loom with front cords removed.

Close up of end of piece.


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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea - I can't wait for the kit. Is it necessary for the beadwork to fill up the entire space between the clips - what if it turns out that my pattern is slightly longer or shorter than the space I allow when I set up the clips? Ellen