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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So much going on I sometimes find myself walking in circles because I cannot figure out what to start or finish first.  I am getting used to my newly arranged studio.  Haven't yet put up paintings or tapestries.  Just not willing to put holes in the wall yet and afraid I might hang something in the wrong place.  So I will sit with it until something speaks to me.  Unfortunately, what is really speaking to me is weaving a huge multi-panel piece.  I just don't have time today!

Meanwhile, little steps.

We at Mirrix have decided to do our best to fill in our online store with all the "stuff" you could possible need.  Hence, we were so excited to run into the tulip beading needles.  Received my first order the other day and did not waste time breaking out a needle and breaking it in.  They are indeed beautiful, functional and they don't bend easily.  I can even thread them.  What is more they seem to be able to squeeze through tiny bead spaces again and again. I was amazed.  So whether your are using the shedding device or not (and especially when not) these are the needles for you.  They come in a nice little package to keep them safe.
Second thing we are adding to our online store.  Yup, I am finally willing to part with some of this gold. We are including it in the elegant and wedding bracelet kits, but we thought you might want to buy some of it for other projects.  We've combined three strands of gold.  They are all slight different colors so the total effect is perfect.  The gold skeins are each twenty-four yards.  It's hard to photograph.  Will take a bunch of photos today to come up with a clearer depiction of this amazing thread.  Sneak preview:
Have you heard?  The weave-along after the September one (which will be the elegant or wedding cuff bracelet) will be a double-header.  Yes, you will have the option of weaving a wool tapestry cellphone case or the beaded one.  Both cases are large enough to hold the largest smartphones.  Also could be used as a purse for other small items.  Let me show the pictures of the beaded case which is not yet put together completely.
This is the piece right off the loom.  I used the shedding device and the piece smooth and perfect.  Not one mistake.  I was so proud of myself!

I tied overhand knots to finish the warp threads, trimmed them and then folded over a couple of rows of beads and glued it down.  Easier than having to sew it down.

Sewed Duponi silk to back before folding it up and sewing it together.

Will show more pictures later.  Right now I have to finish those bracelet kits.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome back to me!

I have been here all along but blogging was not in the cards.  At least Elena was blogging and we were both working on the tapestry/bead cuff weave-along that she has been posting on her blog.  We were in the same house, which is not the usual configuration, because, as you probably already know, Elena married Alex and the reception happened here!  Okay, I'll post a picture (credit to Jonathan Webb, the most amazing photographer ever):

Okay, yes, gorgeous.  The wedding was held at the Meeting House two miles down the hill from us.  As you can imagine by the name, this building has been around for a very long time.  The reception was held in our home.  The space I normally use for Mirrix is huge . . . more than 1,000 square feet with a ceiling that peaks at 22 feet.  I, in my infinite wisdom, decided it was time to paint this area.  It was much in need of such a face lift (last paint job to this space was done before we moved here in 1996 and it was done badly plus sad cobwebs were attached so high up I could not swipe them down no matter what big stick and ladder I used).  Months before the wedding I had been trying to figure out how exactly I was going to dismantle Mirrix and still run it.  I basically shoved a lot of it into my husband's office (he could have cared less), into my bedroom (which also is quite huge and can absorb a lot of stuff), into closets and upstairs where we created a sort of temporary office.  It was a mess but somewhat under control.

Okay time for another photo of the gorgeous bride walking down (or up) the steps of the meeting house.

So, for five to six weeks my Mirrix life was in disarray.  Meanwhile, Elena and I were working on the tapestry/bead cuff weave-along.  The day before and after the wedding we were working on the weave-along.  Either we were getting our minds off the wedding to work on the weave-along or getting our minds off of the weave-along to work on the wedding.  In the end, it wasn't so bad that both happened at the same time.

I now have a beautifully painted, newly organized studio/office.  I would take photos but of course my camera battery is dead.  So instead I will upload another wedding photo.  This is of Joni (second wedding Mom because I needed help with that job), Elena and yours truly, the human garden.

I am charging said battery now.  I am also working on the second weave-along, which will be a rather elegant black silk, gold thread (real gold thread), with a couple of additional colors small purse intended to hold a phone, a key, a credit card, etc.  We will be exploring some interesting tapestry techniques with this new piece.  I should have the whole thing figured out by next week with kits to follow shortly.  This weave-along starts in September.   The exact date has slipped my mind.  Will have to check in with Elena.