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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two new finished formal/wedding cuffs and a little white water

If only I had an iphone.  Sure the Samsung thing I have is fine, but having wasted a lot of time over the course of two days trying to get pictures off it from my little camping trip, I am ready to dismember it.  We don't get service for an iphone here. I have one lousy photo to show you:

That's the white water.  I couldn't believe the blue of it, which in real life looked exactly like that with the exception of an extra dash of purple.  The weaves at times were several feet high and there were rocks everywhere, but we prevailed although I used up my monthly allotment of adrenalin.  Yes, we wear wetsuits and helmets and footie things so if we go over we won't freeze to death or have our skin peeled off by the rocks.  The goal is to never go over.

If finally finished the two cuff bracelets woven from silk, gold spun on silk and 24 karat gold plated beads.  A kit is in the making.

For the black one I used a variety of techniques including pick and pick, wavy lines and blending by weaving with a thread of silk and gold.

This one is very simple.  I spaced the rows of woven beads by one inch.  I simply combined a thread of silk and gold and just wove back and forth.  This could  very much be a beginner project because it is so simple.