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Friday, June 10, 2011

The West Coat!

Returned home a couple of days ago after spending twelve days on the West Coast.  Our main goal was to have a booth at the Northwest Weaver's show.  And indeed we did.  What fun.  First of all we got to hang up our cool banner that Elena designed.  That wasn't so easy. We arrived an hour before the vendor hall opened.  We were missing some essential tools for both hanging up the banner and setting up our booth.  Who knew?  This was our first show.  After balancing on folding chairs and getting slightly sweaty, we finally managed to get the banner hung.  Oh, but since it took us at least ten minutes to find our spot, we were not going to get opened on time.  Our customers didn't care.  They came anyway.  Turns out that the biggest flow of customers was in the morning, at lunch time, and just before closing.  The rest of time we spent bonding with other vendors and our looms.  

Elena, happy we are finally set up although the next day we will have changed everything around.

Claudia also pleased to be done with set up

And that is Kathe Todd-Hooker, the big bonus of the whole event because we finally got to spend time with her.  What a great lady she is and how happy to count her as a friend.  Looks like she's autographing a book but in fact she is taking notes about her upcoming workshop to be held at the New Hampshire Mirrix Studio in October.

The show was great.  Lasted two and a half days and we sold everything we had brought.  That was the goal.  I hate having to pack stuff up and sending it back.  Kathe was teaching the only tapestry class at the show.  It was one of the most popular classes.  She had a few half day classes and then one couple day class (I think).  That one had 20 students.  I don't know how she does it.  Plus, the treadle she brought wasn't cooperating when she tried to attach it to the loom.  What a fiasco.  Finally, the plumber (that would be me) arrived and a half an hour later, a lot of sweat and a sore hand (I just slammed that thing onto the shedding device with my fist because I was lacking any tools) it was in fine working order.

The vendor across the way was selling gold.  I kid you not.  I had to buy a cone of it.  Just had to.  14k Gold spun around a silk core.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Our next kit will include this gold and silk threads and 24k plated beads.  It's going to be gorgeous.  Probably "smartphone" size with a woven strap.  I plan to get to work on it today.  Would have last night but our power went out just when the light was getting dim so I read a book by flickering candle light which is really hard on your eyes.

Don't you just want to take this home!

I did take it home!

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Kathe Todd-Hooker said...

but the plummer saved my demo's. With the treadles working i was able to speed weave the class demos and catch up. Thank you so much,