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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Raven Rocks Studio

Crossed a little bit of water on a ferry and drove for a little bit as well to arrive at Raven Rocks Studio on Widbey Island in Washington.  I finally got to meet Windwalker nad his lovely wife Mary Jo, both amazing artists but also amazing people.  Elena had already had the pleasure of meeting them so finally it was my turn!  What follows are some pictures from the lovely afternoon. 

Raven Rock Studio

Windkwalker doing what he loves to do best.  I can sure relate to that!

Pam, a Mirrix Lom customer, standing in back and and Anne, a weaver sho has her work for sale at Raven Rock Studio.  Her work is absolutely gorgeous.  I showed her how to put beads on a weft thread in order to weave them into her scarves.

That's Mary Jo on the left and Lynn (she works at Raven Rocks and also has artwork there) in the middle.


That's a copy of the current issue of Beadwork turned to my tapestry/bead cuff article.

Weaving talk!

Elena working hard on her new beaded bracelet design.

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dpr0004 said...

Looks like a fabulous time, Claudia and Elena! Such fun to weave on a Mirrix Loom!