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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bear and Noodle

The boys are finally feeling comfortable around here.  Took a while because they really missed Julie, the woman who rescued them.  They are finally warming up to me.  It was worth the wait.  What sweet teenage boys they are.  I am starting to understand their personalities  Bear (the grey one) is very verbal. He yells until he gets what he wants.  Noodle hangs back more and watches.  If you want to get Bear's attention, just pet Noodle.  He goes nut because he wants the attention.  So he jumps on Noodle and covers him so that you have to pet Bear.

I left for a couple of days and Bear was so mad at me.  I have to leave again in a few days for ten days.  I can't imagine what a state he will be in when I return.  Julie says she will visit regularly.

So here is the picture I just took of the two new boys:

Noodle is on top.

You can't see it, but Bear has double front paws.

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