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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Non-woven necklace

I have been weaving a both silk/beaded tapestry bracelet and a cellphone purse, also made of silk.  Taking longer than I thought it would.  I also made a braid to go with the bracelet.  Thought I would get it all off looms by today, but it might not happen until tonight.

Meanwhile, I finished this necklace, no part of which was made on a Mirrix Loom.  I will be taking jewelry to the show we'll be doing in Oregon in June.  Normally, I sell my jewelry in galleries but I am getting weary of having to up the prices to deal with the gallery commission.  So, I am going to try to do some direct sales.  We are poised to upload a bunch of jewelry to the website, but waiting until the launch date of the new website, predicted to be end of this month.

What I like most about the below piece (besides the beads, which are gorgeous) is where it sits on one's neck.  Just the right place.  That's a hard thing to get right.  The center piece is also the clasp.  I love doing that.  Direct sales price for this piece:  $175.  Email me if you are interested!

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