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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Loom on its way to Mexico

What a journey.

I headed off for FedEx yesterday finally (it's an hour from here) to send the loom to the

Isla Mujeres Women's Beading Collective.  I was told that I needed to send it via FedEx because if I sent it through the Post Office it would not be received.  I was so excited to be able to see this loom off to  its wonderful and final destination until they handed me the bill.  Close to $200 to send a loom that is worth not much more than that.  I just couldn't do it.  Something inside me screamed:  NOOOOOOOO!

So I high tailed it home and scurried off to my local Post Office.  Cost to send from there:  $55.  Chances of it arriving at destination:  close to zero.  They begged me not to.  Packages heading for Mexico cannot even be insured because it is so unlikely they will survive the journey without falling into unintended hands.

I came home and left the loom in my car totally discouraged.  I emailed Layna who remembered that her original emails with the Collective stated that if the cost to ship was outrageous they might be able to find a visitor to hand deliver it.  Layna emailed them with the new story.  Fewer than twelve hours later we were given the address of a woman who lives in Connecticut who will be hand delivering the loom in early May.  Our very own personal guardian angel.  It figures.  I should not be surprised.  This whole thing has been blessed from the get go so how could it possibly not work out beautifully.

I headed back to my Post Office with a new address label.  They got a good laugh out of my latest story (I am their own personal comedy of errors).  Thirteen dollars later the loom was on its way to a certain arrival into the right hands.  Thank goodness!

So thank you to all those who made this happen.  It's happening!!!


Pam said...

Great story!

Claudia Chase said...

Loom arrived in Mexico and is already being put to use. I will publish pictures in a few days.