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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alas, two weavings off the loom

The tapestry/bead silk purse took a little longer to finish weaving than I had anticipated.  Maybe I got distracted.  I was anxious to get it off the loom and so as a result, I avoided weaving it.  How does that make any sense whatsoever?  I also had to finish the tapestry/bead cuff because it was living on the same loom.

Just finished!  The tapestry purse weaving did pull in slightly but I can hide that when I fold it up and adorn it with beads.  I like the colors.  I am looking forward to putting on the braid that I made to exactly match it.

Silk Tapestry and bead weaving on Mirrix Loom

I really do like the color combination.

Another cuff bracelet in the making

Side by side.

The silk braid!

Now to sew this all together!

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Patricia said...

Claudia, This silk tapestry bead purse is gorgeous!! Question: what kind of silk did you use? Silk yarn, silk ribbon? Or what? I enjoy your blogs and the weekly weave very much. -- Patricia Jordan