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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Those cuff bracelets again!

I am having so much fun with these things.  This is the latest made with that wonderful yarn from Thaki. I used my hand-dyed silk for the warp and just the Thaki (all four colors eventually in the strip) for the weft. The warps are closer in the middle and hence the Thaki shows more on the sides where there is more space.  I sort of did this on purpose.  Well, at first it wasn't on purpose but I realized I like the effect so now I've been trying to do it on purpose.

Dreaded cold/flu whatever.  I never get sick (or I say I never get sick but apparently I do and then refuse to remember being sick).  I need to get over this soon because I don't have the time or patience to be blowing my nose 24/7 and having my face feel like someone hit it with a baseball bat.

Now for the pictures!

On progress with Butter helping a whole lot

Closeup on loom

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Kim said...

I really like those cuff bracelets, they are gorgeous and the texture looks incredible.