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Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Cuffs and Stuff

 The top bracelet is finished with bead soup.  The bottom bracelet is being finished (it's not done) with size 11/0 seed beads.  The second finish is a lot faster, but the top one did add a fair amount of interest.  I used some large and small  bugle beads to accent the top of the cuff.


Sometimes inspiration comes from what we've done before.  I took my camera around my studio to see if there was anything inspiring for me.  I did come across my very first bead weaving.  I am thinking of making a pattern out of it (I wove this one from a pencil drawing) and making it our next free pattern.  Would anyone like that?

Other bead weavings I have hanging around:



Not a Bead Weaving . . . this was my little shrine weaving made from handspun and beads and charms.  I am inspired to weave something like this again.  It was so much fun.  Have to whip out the dye pots and the fleece and the spinning wheel because my handspun stash is sad at best.

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