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Friday, March 4, 2011

I should have waited for the mail goddess to arrive

Because in the mail was both the railroad yarn (Tahki Scoop) and the Waverly yarn samples and a skein of the waverly yarn.

The light is getting a little iffy here, but let me describe the colors.  The one on top there is light blue, light green, yellow.  Very flowery/summer-like, sort of.  More the pastel range.  Go clock-wise around the circle and you've got the red, pink, orange yarn.  Love it.  Continue onto this rather amazing combination of purple, green, blue, orange.  It really works.  And then to the rather stunning orange, yellow, red, green yellow, purple . . . their rainbow version.  That is also a keeper.  My buy finger is itching.  I think I may have to buy some more this very minute for fear they might go away and I will have to search to the ends of the earth for more.

Now for the waverly samples.  There are about a thousand colors. Some are so close (the whites in particular) that I can barely tell the difference. Most are just variations on a shade.  But so many.  In the perfect world we would all have access to:  every color of waverly yarn and every color of Delica Bead. But since we don't, I will have to make choices.  I am going to stew over this for days and come up with some yarn kits to suit a variety of needs.  I am really going to have to play with this in my head.  This is my idea of fun, but I get so consumed by it that it's hard to do anything else.  Maybe climbing a mountain in between will help.  I wish Layna were here right now to help me.  She, by the way, is snow boarding, poor thing.  Yup, whooping it up with her hubby and that amazing guy Jon who just took all our loom photos.  But since she lives on the West Coast and I am in NH, she couldn't much help anyway except on Skype.

But you can help me:  do you want one complete kit that covers a bunch of  ranges as well as some specific and smaller kits that cover more limited ranges?  Maybe the kits should include some of this wonderful Tahki novelty yarn as well?

Your input will be very much considered.  Now for the pictures.  There are a lot of them. Each section has six yarn colors.  I think there are close to five hundred colors, give or take a few.  Haven't counted yet.

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Susan said...

Hi Claudia,
It would be great if you could offer kits to go along with the samples in the books you have for sale. It's easier to do "one stop shopping" with Mirrix, especially for a newbie. You know best what supplies are needed! More time could be spent learning to weave and less finding the appropriate materials.