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Monday, March 14, 2011

Handspun yarn tapestry

I decided it was time to play around with handspun yarn and tapestry.  I have a very small stash of handspun yarn right now and no dyed fleece to spin.  Clearly, I need to stoke up the dye pots and and get some pretty dyed fleece to spin so that I can really play with handspun yarn and tapestry.

I dug into my tiny stash and came up with the beginnings of a very simple piece.  I added two bits of commercial yarn as well as some of that railroad yarn mixed with my hand-dyed silk.  Still, the colors I needed were missing.  I get colors stuck in my head and if I can't find them I get very frustrated.  So, I am a little frustrated with this attempt.

Here are the photos of what I've done thus far.  That box with a triangle on top looks like a house.  Not at all my intention!  When this piece comes off I am going to decorate it with beads and charms and I will tone down that weird house shape.  It's amazing how our preconceived notions of the world make us see things in shapes that are not at all intended.  Ever notice how you can see a face in just about anything . . . a shadow, a cloud, a tree branch.  I think we are programmed to see and recognize human faces whether they exist or not.

I will continue with this piece unless it gets me really angry.  But, as I said, I need more yarn.  This is ridiculous working with leftovers.

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