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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finished Handspun Tapestry

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Maia (the shy one):

Now for the finished tapestry.  I've taken a photo of the back so you can see how I finish my tapestries.  I never sew a solid piece of material to the back because over time that can distort the piece.  The strips hold in stray pieces of yarn and give it a more finished look.  I usually attach a strip of velcro to the top and the accompanying piece to a wooden strip which attaches to the wall.  Because this piece is so small, I didn't bother to do that although I might later.

I've used bead soup to embellish the top and bottom of the piece.  I covered up the "house" with bead soup and hung glass leaves around it.  This piece is called "Shrine Two", the second in a series of very simple handspun pieces embellished with beads, glass and metal charms.  Quick and fun to do and a great way to play with handspun without getting very serious.

Back of piece

Front of PIece

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