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Thursday, March 3, 2011

All about Yarn!

Waverly Wool

I've ordered the color cards and a sample skein of this Wool Persian yarn.  I am not really sure what "Persian" means.  It's been used for needlepoint forever, but I think it's more a concept then a hard-fast rule.  This stuff is supposed to be nice.  We'll see.  If I like it, you will be the first to know.  I have included some sample color swatches.  Because the strands can be easily separated and then combined with different colored plies, this might be a great yarn for tapestry.  I thought I could create some wonderful kits from it and maybe even sell a nice starter kit with a variety of colors.  I almost wish there were not so many  colors to pick from!

Tahki Yarns Scoop

This is the stuff I have on order for the tapestry/bead cuff kits.  I've  been searching far and wide for more of this kind of yarn. Someone described its effect in the cuffs as fake beads, and I think that is perfect.  I had a big stash of Berroco's version of this yarn now almost gone, but it does not exist anymore except in personal stashes that once in a while appear on ebay.  This Tahki yarn will soon disappear since I don't believe it's being made anymore.  Look at those colors!!!  I might have to order some more.  Ah, the fine line between greed and necessity.  But I think it is necessary if I am going to continue making those tapestry/bead kits!

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