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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The twenty-two inch Mirrix loom models for you

Seems I cannot take a picture of anything around here without a cat showing up.  Today I put up the photo tent and of course Butter decided it would be a perfect place to play. I kicked him out no less than ten times. Granted, a Mirrix Loom is made even more beautiful by an adorable cat (although that is not always the case when I am trying to weave while also playing tug of rope with my weft yarn and a cat) . . . just not all the time.

I've sent these off to Elena to be cropped, lightened or darkened.  Her photoshop skills and patience way exceeds mine.  Now back to the weaving.

Butter clearly has weaving in his future

Close-up of bottom spring kit

Profile, just the loom

Close up of heddles in place

The LaniLoom just had to get into the picture with the ZachLoom . . . oh this family of mine!

Yup, that's the handle!

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Windwalker said...

I love this loom! I just finished my first project on Zach ... a shoulder bag ... and it felt great. The wooden clips did throw me a curve, especially when putting the heddles on, but I resorted to instructions an all was well. Now, I feel like I've always been weaving on a Mirrix Loom, but with Zach, I feel like I'm weaving on a Mirrix LOOM! It feels so big after 5 years on Big Sister - I love'em both :0)