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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today is the Day

I know you thought I meant the day I finish the bracelet.  Yeah, it's almost done.  But Jon, the photographer, is here right now taking the family Mirrix photos and boy is Elena going to be happy.  She's been complaining about our photographs for months now.  So we hired a friend of Elena's who happens to be a fantastic photographer.  And he's here right now!  The loom are all behaving themselves, waiting patiently for their turn.  I made a mess of everything taking them out of their boxes.  You see manufacturing does this perfect job of packing them and I've just destroyed their perfect packing job.

That's the Joni Loom getting her picture taken

Mirrix Family Members sitting around the living room waiting for their turn with the old grandma Tissart Leclerc in the background glaring at everyone!

That's the Zeus loom thinking he's going to get warm by the woodstove, but doesn't have a fire in it!

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