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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sometimes you just have to listen to your friends

I was visiting my friend Joni and her family the other day and I made the mistake of mentioning to Joni that I was sort of thinking of maybe some time in the future moving part of my office upstairs.  Well, I should have known that the simple mention of such a thing would launch Joni into a verbal essay of why this just must happen.  "Divide your creative space from your business space," Joni told me.  "It's perfect."

Let me explain the set up here.  There are two bedrooms upstairs and a large landing that looks out over the living room.  The landing is almost as big as the two bedrooms combined.  Both bedrooms are empty.  At one point when my son and stepson were teenagers that space, despite the brand new bathroom, had been turned into the forbidden land of teenagers. I had lost control of that precious space.

The last boy moved out and my daughter and son-in-law moved in for a bit.  Out came the sandpaper, the paint brushes and ladders and before I knew it that forbidden space had been transformed into a space I actually liked.  One room is still my son's for when he comes home for school break.  It's actually not bad.  The other bedroom is now a guest room.  It kind of reminds me of an attic bedroom in your grandmother's home.  I love it.  The space outside of these two rooms has, like the rest of the house, oak floors and large windows.

Joni apparently has always coveted that space.  I had no idea.  And I like that space because . . . well, have to describe the other space first.

The other space, the space that has been the Mirrix space for fifteen years.  I happily took over an entire large dining room and most of the living room.  This is a very odd house.  Those two spaces are connected but have a wall in between where there is a huge fireplace.  I have spread my Mirrix stuff throughout this thousand foot space.  Happily.  But it's too much in the middle of the flow of the house because there is a door to kitchen and when there are people in the house they have no problem with just marching through my space, talking to me even when I am obviously working and generally not getting that there is a virtual closed door and they can't just randomly walk through it.  Also, the way the space was set up before, if I had the door to the kitchen open I could see right into it.  Huge problem.  So someone walks into the kitchen, makes a mess and then dares to leave.  No.  No.  No.  The witch is watching.  "So where you think you are going with the kitchen looking like that when just moment ago it was clean?"  But that kind of constant vigil is exhausting.  

Let's put this all together.  What did I do exactly?  First of all I leaped from bed at seven and with one cup of coffee under my belt worked non stop until six.  I hauled three bookcases upstairs, a thousand pounds of magazines and books, a ton of paperwork, office supplies while also throwing away about three garbage pails full of stuff.  That space upstairs, which isn't even half full yet, has become my "Office" with a big O.  The downstairs space, which I cleaned, is now my studio space with some work thrown in.  I have left the big iMac downstairs because it is also my only source of entertainment, movies and such and there is a nice little purple couch from which to view it.  But everything is now about design and creation.  I also opened things up so that the flow is right.  I love it.  My husband even loves it (he noticed  . . . that was huge).

So thank you Joni!

Want to see it?

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