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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On this day 26 years ago . . .

Last year's event

I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl and she became the love of my life.  You get to share her with me now because that beautiful little girl grew into a beautiful woman who also happens to be creative, smart (much smarter than her mother), talented in a zillion ways, loving, kind, a friend to so many . . . and Mirrix's Marketing Director.  Since Layna has come on board Mirrix has changed completely.  She has infused it with extra joy and creativity and fun.  She has turned Mirrix into the company it should be and will continue to make it evolve in wonderful ways I can only dream of.

Ah, Layna, you are such a gift.


Your Mom

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Windwalker said...

Oh, Claudia, truer words have never been spoken ... I have one of those amazing young women in my family. too. We are blessed and they are a blessing. Many more abundant and happy memories and returns of this day ... she has, truly, set the Mirrix world on fire :0)