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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inkle cuff bracelet on the Mirrix Loom

 All sorts of poses from the two inkle weave bracelets I got from the strip I wove.  The last part of the strip could probably be turned into a bracelet, but it was a little wider than the first part of it (or last part of it . . . I don't know which end is which).  My next attempt will be to put a 20 or 22 dent spring on the loom so that the warps don't have any space in between on the sides making this a genuine inkle band.  I will once again use the railroad novelty yarn as weft because I love the way the little squares of color pop up here and there.  If the warps are correctly spaced the little color squares won't show as much.  That's the tradeoff, I guess.  Now to warp!


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Love them!

Michael said...

I've enjoyed seeing all your neat bracelets! What do you use for the form, and what do you line with?

mary jo said...

what Michael said!!!

Claudia Chase said...

I use a brass cuff for the form and I line the inside with ultra-suede.