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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Golden Beaded Cuff

dThe price of gold keeps climbing up.  A gold bracelet . . . even a scrawny one . .  will set you back a hug chunk of, well, gold.  Which makes these gorgeous beads with their gold-plated finishes seem like a real bargain.  Those beads can go a long way and mixed with other beads with gold hues or those fabulous permanent galvanized finishes can go even further to realize your golden dreams.

These delightful beaded cuffs will satisfy any need you might have to drench your wrists in gold.  And because these loom woven pieces are attached to a brass cuff, finishing the warp ends is simple and fast.  Just tie pairs of warp threads in over-hand knots and tuck them to the back of your piece before attaching to the brass cuff.

I am doing some counting and figuring to come up with the correct bead formula for our next kit:  the Golden Beaded Cuff in Delicas size 10 and Seed beads in size 8.  Look for it in a couple of weeks in our store.