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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dyeing, tapestry, autumn

I have been dyeing silk (commercially spun and my own handspun (for the tapestry cuff kits).  Having been away from this activity for quite some time, I had to get my feet wet all over again.   I made all the mistakes you make when you have forgotten an art form.  But I went through them pretty fast and by day three I almost had almost recaptured all the knowledge that had seeped out of me over the years while the dye pots got a little rusty.  I knew I had arrived when finally I was able to do what I do best:  look out the window, see colors and somehow get those colors in the dye pot and on the yarn.  Autumn has just begun to arrive here.  Embedded in the green trees there are splashes of orange/yellow/dull red.  Below are the colors I dyed based on those leaves.

The results happened so fast.  I had been dreaming about these colors the night before.  I focused on trying to dye that perfect salmon color.  I have a thing for that color.  It's in that pile two the left.  Then I went for a slight more orange salmon (next to it) before launching into some pretty bold pinks and a darker salmon that is pretending to be orange.

Along with the rest of the dyed silk I have pretty much dyed the complete silk palette for the kits.  Of course in addition to the silk is rayon floss in a bunch of colors, perle cotton and some great novelty yarns.  

Below is a photo of a tapestry for a bracelet and a tapestry for a cell phone pouch.  These reflect some of the colors in the kit.

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