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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We are offering a new program designed to educate future Mirrix customers and help you earn "MIrrix Credits."  So often we are asked:  "Where can I see a Mirrix in person?" And so often the answer is:  "The nearest store that carries it is in another state."  We want to change all that and you can help and earn Mirrix Credits at the same time.

How is this going to work?  We will maintain a comprehensive list of all participants on the Mirrix Loom Website including contact information such as email, facebook, blog and/or website addresses, your general location, a bio and at least one photo (more if you like) of work you have created on the Mirrix Loom.  We will help you write the bio because we want them to be consistent.  Plus our marketing director gets mad if she doesn't get her daily dose of writing.

What happens next?  Our potential customer finds a participant who lives nearby and contacts that person.  You two work out where and when to meet.  You spend a little time with the customer showing her/him all the bells and whistles of the Mirrix Loom. If you love your Mirrix, you will be a natural at this.  And our potential
customer will have much more confidence about working with the Mirrix Loom.  When you see the Mirrix Loom it work in person the fear factor vanishes.

So what do you get out of all of this?  If our potential customer does buy a loom after visiting with you, you will earn "Mirrix Credits" equalling 15% of the price of the loom he/she purchases*.  Here is the math in case you don't feel like doing it:

These are the credits you will get:

Loreli loom: $17.25 credit
Laniloom:  $23.25 credit
Little Guy Loom: $34.50 credit
Big Sister Loom: $37.50 credit
Zachloom:  $48.00 credit
Joniloom:  $64.50 credit
Zeus loom: $81.00 credit

There are other creative ways to earn Mirrix Credits such as throwing a Mirrix party and showing a group of potential customers how to use the loom (think Tupperware party, only better) or having the Mirrix Loom at a show where you are selling your work.

What exactly is a Mirrix Credit?  A Mirrix Credit can be applied to any Mirrix purchase.  We will keep a data base of your credits that can be used at any time on any Mirrix website sales.

What are the checks and balances?  Once you've met with a potential customer, you will email that person's name and email address to us. You will also ask the customer, if she/he makes an order, to email us stating that she/he met with you.  Once the sale is complete, your Mirrix Credit will be entered into our database or, if you like, you can simply use it right away.

If you are interested in participating in this program please send an email to the following two addresses: and This can be an email stating you are interested, asking some questions or you can send the whole package which will include:  your location (town and state), your email address and other addresses, if you have them, such as blog, facebook, website, twitter account, a bio and at least one photograph of something you have created on your Mirrix.

We will start setting up the website page as soon as we have a few participants.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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