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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ipod/iphone Tapestry Kit

Announcing the upcoming arrival of  the Ipod Tapestry Kit.  You can use this bright pouch for something else, but it does fit the Ipod or iphone perfectly.  We will be creating future kits in different color ways.

The kit comes with:  ten 20 yard skeins of beautiful wool/mohair yarn, (you might be able to squeeze a second kit out of it), a 100 gram tube of Navajo wool warp yarn (enough for at least a second project), beads for embellishment, beading thread, lining and instructions.

Finished Project

What you need to make this kit:

Mirrix Loom with shedding device (size 12 inch and up)
A scissor

You will use the 14 dent coil warping every other dent for 7 warps per inch.
Put on 29 warps (ends doubled), allowing enough room to weave a 15 inch piece.
Weave a half inch header.

You can copy our pattern, or create you own.  The colors in this kit go beautifully together so you really can't make a mistake.  Make sure your selvedges are even (measure every so often to make sure you are not pulling in).  I made this pattern up as I went along and miraculously, when I folded the purse up it worked.  Everything was in the right place.  You can just weave stripes and it would be beautiful.

Once you remove the piece from the loom, lay it flat and weight one end.  Tie a series of over hand knots to paired warp ends.

Close-up of warps tied with overhand knots.  Trim the warp ends to about 3/4 of an inch.  Fold over to wrong side so that header and footer do not show.  Sew down header and footer.

Trim fleece so that it is slight smaller than finished piece.  Sew to wrong side.

Fold up purse sot that flap is 3 1/2 inches long.  Sew around sides.

Sew groups of four beads along seam edges.  Sew groups of three beads around flap.

You now have a beautiful ipod/iphone house!

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