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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Instructions to make the Tapestry Cuff


Brass Cuff:  1 1/4 inches wide
Ultra Suede:  slightly bigger piece than cuff
C-Lon cord (medium weight) for warp\
C-Lon thread for weaving beads
Silk yarn (I dyed my own)
Delica beads in a few different colors
15/0 seed beads for edges


A Mirrix Loom with shedding device
14 dent coil

You need to warp for tapestry (not beadwork). Put 20 warps on the loom. 
Put on heddles.
Weave a heading of warp material.
Weave a few rows of silk yarn.
Attach a length of C-Lon thread to the back of the piece (anyway you can do it so you can't see it).  String 19 beads.  Weave them in, with two beads between every raised thread (except at the ends, where there will be one bead).  Because this is warped for tapestry, there will not be a bead, a thread, a bead, a thread.  Instead, there will be a bead, a bead, a thread, a bead, a bead, etc.

Weave some more rows of silk.  Carry the bead thread up through the woven tapestry, thread 19 beads, weave them in.

Just keep playing like this alternating tapestry and beads until you've reached approximately 7 1/4 inches (not including the header and footer which will be folded under).  Remember that you piece will shrink once you take it off the loom, so be sure to not make your piece too short.  You can accommodate for a longer piece, but it's hard to work with a piece that is too short.

Tie the warp thread pairs with over-hand knots.  Trim to about 3/4 inch.

Place the piece of ultra suede on top of the finished piece.  Trim it so that is slightly larger than the weaving (about 1/16th of an inch on all sides.

You will be glueing the tapestry and the ultra suede to the cuff.  The point is to keep these two pieces in place while you sew them together.  The point is NOT to cover the backs of each piece with lots of glue.  Use the glue sparingly.

Glue tapestry to top of cuff with header and footer folded under so that only the silk thread shows.

Glue ultra suede to bottom of cuff.

Sew the tapestry and ultra suede together all around the cuff.  Keep your stitches as small as possible.  See piece below.

Sew size 15/0 beads to the edges to completely cover the joining of the tapestry and the ultra suede.

Now wasn't that fun and pretty easy!

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Anonymous said...

When you say wrap for tapestry,but not beadwork,what do you mean? Do you mean? Does that mean one string to each dent instead of two?