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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mirrix Workshop in Edmonds Washington

Back from Edmonds Washington where we held a Mirrix Workshop at Semantics gallery.  Nothing like being surrounded by gorgeous artwork for inspiration!

That's me below fixing something.

My brother modeling with a couple of Mirrix Looms

Claudia teaching.

Concentration.  Concentration.  Concentration.

Someone is smiling!

That's Larry in the doorway. He owns Semantics Gallery:

Why is Debbie smiling?  Because she's looking at all those woven rows of beads.   Success!

Claudia:  bird's eye view!

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sharon said...

Claudia, I just ran accross your web site. I'am very much interested to know if you plan workshops in California, most notable in Northern California. I would love to learn how to use your mirrix looms, for loom beading. sharon