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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mirrix Workshop

The last couple of days I had the pleasure of teaching (informally) beadwork to a couple of boys age 11. They were great and it reminded me how much I miss teaching and how much I love teaching, especially now when I've garnered a whole lot of new ideas that I want to share.

So, I've decided it is time to teach a workshop. And why not do it in my studio. It's a gorgeous space with tons of Southern facing windows (facing a pasture and a mountain range beyond). We've got some great Inns nearby. And my daughter has agreed to cater lunch and dinner!

Place:  Francestown, New Hampshire

It would be a weekend workshop. Intense, eight hours a day with great food in between. The project would be a woven band necklace with an off-loom created focal piece and/or a woven band bracelet with an off-loom created clasp. I will post the project on my blog when I get it finished. I do have some similar pieces there, but the piece I will teach has not yet been finished (blog:

What you will take away from the workshop:

How to:
1) use the Mirrix Loom for beadwork
2) use the Mirrix loom with shedding device
3) create spontaneous geometrical shapes
4) work with color to create a stunning piece
5) create a double-sided peyote stitch triangle to use either as a clasp for a bracelet or as an end piece for a necklace thereby burying the warp ends between the triangle layers
6) general finishing techniques
7) anything else you want to learn about beading on the Mirrix Loom including using fiber with beads.

What you will need: yourself and lots of creative energy

What we will provide:

A Mirrix loom, if you don't have one. If you do have one, you might want to bring it in case you want to go home with an additional project on your loom. If you use one of our looms and don't own your own, you can of course purchase it, but you do not have to. But who would not want to!

Lunch and dinner both days. We will find out what your food loves and dislikes are and create delicious and healthful meals to keep you fueled for the day. Although the actual instruction time will be eight hours, we will be taking breaks during the day to eat or chat or just stretch so the class will start in the morning and end probably a couple of hours after dinner.

Included in the price of the workshop will be a materials fee which will cover c-lon thread, Delica beads in the most delectable colors, needles, and a bead matt. If you would like to bring all your own materials you can subtract the materials fee from your tuition.

The cost including the four meals will be $500. If you bring your own materials, the cost will be $475, but you still have the option to buy the materials at the workshop.

Okay, so when? A weekend in February or March. I haven't pinned down a date yet because I am hoping to hear from you to see what works best for the most people. Class size will be strictly limited to eight students. We will run the class with a minimum of six students.

So when are you free and when would a workshop be best for you?  Please email me:


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