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Monday, April 21, 2008


At long last, I begin this blog. This blog is basically dedicated to creativity: mine and yours. The other day a friend asked me: "What do you feel when you create artwork?"
I answered: "Peaceful and present. It takes me to a place that has no time, no starting point, no ending point, just the place in the middle where you want to stay. Eventually, you do want to leave that place. The bliss is vanished and you move to something else waiting for that moment when you will feel compelled to return to that place of utter presence. Creativity is about the present and how you feel inside that one moment as it falls into another moment and another moment without your noticing."

I then explained that I have seen myself deep in the past as the one who made baskets or pottery. I would have been very content there. I do not see my creativity as monumental. Rather I see it as necessary. It is what I must do to cope with life. It's my primary escape.

See if you can see yourself in this picture: you are feeling all scattered and out of place. You search around for one of the pieces you are currently creating. You pick one up: the 16 inch Mirrix loom with a tapestry on it. You weave for a minute or so. It's not centering you so you move through your studio and land on the necklace you are making in herringbone stitch out of those gorgeous rodium plated beads and suddenly you are lost in that necklace, lost in those like bead universes, and you stay lost there for three hours forgetting that you arrived scattered and out of place. When you lift your head and see that time has moved forward without you, you are ready to crawl back into life.

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Sue said... was this bracelet made? It is exquisite and finally something I can see myself wearing. I keep making bracelets that upon completion, look a little "young" for me. Not to be wasted, they become bookmarks or suncatchers!

Is the pattern available for this bracelet?


Sue De.

Ancasico - king of the beads pictures said...

Lindo o seu trabalho Claudia.
Eu tambem faço quadros de Beads só que o meu tear não é tão profissional quanto o seu.
Dê uma olhada em meus trabalhos: